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Medical conditions

Some physical and mental conditions can be triggered by sound healing.  Broken bones that are still healing, recent metal pins or surgery, some dental pain or ear infections all can be affected and cause increased discomfort.  Epilepsy will require a check in with your g.p explaining the effects of a sound bath to our brainwaves. We will discuss any contra-indications at your consultation.

Spirituality & Religion

Whilst this can be a very helpful path towards feelings of connection to our spiritual sides, our higher self and inner guides, it is not necessary to have those intentions to enjoy and benefit greatly from a sound bath.  All religions and belief systems are respected here.

What do I need to bring

Please bring a bottle of water.  Blankets and pillows are provided. An eye mask can be helpful for full relaxation, this can also be provided.  If you have your own crystals you would like cleansing or charging for free during your session bring them along too.  If you have a favourite oil for our oil burner or joss stick you are welcome to bring them along, or we have a good range here to choose from.

How will I feel after

Everyone is different.  You may feel super relaxed or refreshed.  An emotion may have come up that your subconscious wants you to acknowledge or work on.  You may of found yourself transported on a day dream journey and feel compelled to explain it or you could just feel quiet, relaxed and contemplative.  Theres no right or wrong and time is allowed for you to adjust and process.  You will have no problem driving or carrying about your day.  You may find you sleep better that night.

Will I feel 'trippy'

My own experiences have shown me that receiving a sound bath can invoke all kinds of amazing responses.  From colours to patterns, memories revisited to journeys in your mind to magical places.  I've felt ranges of emotions even quietly crying during my 1st gong experience because it felt so nice.  Certain instruments like the drum tend to take you on a journey and we can use intention to try and facilitate that feeling.

Find out more

My blog will be regularly updated with information about each instrument and videos of how they all sound.  I will link to interesting information about sound therapy and more.  You are welcome to ask me anything I haven't covered on my website.

Mental health

Sound healing can have a profound affect on our mental health, some conditions that are unmanaged may require an Ok from your G.P If you have a condition that isn't being treated in any form its advisable to do so before experiencing sound healing.

Hearing Impairments

Sound baths work on both frequency and vibration, for those hard of hearing we can test the sound levels with any hearing aid equipment or simply take them out and let the vibration of the sound still work its magic.   Tinnitus sufferers can experience relief or agitation to the tinnitus.


Try not to eat a heavy meal for a few hours before your booking, whilst being hydrated is helpful anyway make sure not to have a full bladder before your session begins.  It's advisable to not drink heavily before or after your sound bath. Due to the nature of sound healing caution is advised if taking prescription and/or illegal drugs. Coming with an open mind and heart and any intentions you have for your session will help get the most from your experience.

What if I fall asleep

Most people will drift into a deeply relaxed state of consciousness and with that sometimes comes sleep or snoring.  It doesn't effect the efficiency of your sound bath and theres nothing to be embarrassed about.  People tend to wake up naturally with guidance from the percussion towards the end of the session or I will gently wake you after.

How do I get there

We have private off road parking available and we are 2 mins walk away from a main bus route.  Details will be provided when booking.

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