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A wonderful group session to start the year...

I had the pleasure of facilitating a wonderful morning group session, enjoying Cacao and then a relaxing and revitalising sound bath. My lovely friend from Harper Hill Pottery, ,hosted and we were able to use the beautiful Cacao bowls she made me for Christmas. This was my 1st group session of over 4 people and also at someone else's house. So it was exciting and a little nerve wracking to say the least. Ive had Cacao many times in ceremony held by others and always loved the heart opening properties and connectedness it brings for me, so sharing a circle and relaxing into each others energies was a brilliant way to start the morning.

Amazing connections made with the group and the instruments and I really look forward to many more. It was quite something to stand bathed in the sunlight playing my new additions, 3 Himalayan singing bowls, and learning where they fit nicely in my sessions and my other bowls.

I while back I met a really nice gentleman called David Mitchell of AVAJA. A qualified sound therapist who also sells Himalayan singing bowls, Gongs, Hemp bags and jewellery from Nepal. He kindly helped me chose my first bowls almost 2 years when I was dabbling in sound and how it could help relax me and manage pain better. The bowls are just excellent quality and craftsmanship and it was hard to not spend everything have buying them all! This time round I treated myself to a Moon bowl, its a little more pricey than the others because they are made by hand only on the night of a full moon with a clear sky. So lunar connections are heavy in this instrument and also its higher levels of silver make the sound richer and lasts longer with a beautiful warbling quality. It has quickly become a favourite. I have booked myself and my husband in for a sound session and I cannot wait to meet all his gongs. Please check out his site

Photos with permission of group setting, my beautiful Cacao bowls, my new moon bowl and my 3 new bowls.

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