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Imbolc ceremony - Spring is nearly here..

My very wonderful friend Maria invited me to a ceremony she was holding in her workspace to invoke and honour Imbolc and Brigit the Goddess who is celebrated at gatherings all around the world at this time of year. A small circle of women coming together to share energy, meditate, journey with sound and for me set some personal intentions and spend some time reflecting on the passing and letting of my Gran. Spring had always been her favourite time of year and whilst its been hard adjusting to her not being here, its nice to pass through the grieving process into spring time when everything renews.

It was a magical evening, great connections to lovely new people. Time for pause and reset. A chance to think about death and new beginnings during the sound bath. And as always deep insight and healing being around Maria. I will post the link to her website at the end of this blog, I really recommend her work.

My first sound bath experience brought me to Maria,I found myself at her workspace in Sheffield, feeling very out of my depth and nervous. She welcomed me in such a way I just felt very calm instantly and we have become lovely friends. I often wondered what made me book onto that sound bath, having never heard of one before. It soon became clear as not long after this introduction we learnt about my brain tumour and Maria and Craig, who conducted the sound baths, were really supportive and caring during a super scary time. The world as always bring you to where you need to be even when it doesn't make sense at the time.

I called upon Marias help after my gran passed to help me connect with my feelings and hold a spiritual space for her. Intuitively Maria offered a safe healing space where we meditated, worked with some kundalini chanting, and a healing sound bath. My grieving process has been so much kinder and easier during this experience. I am more determined than ever to start tying my end of life care knowledge and sound healing together and work with people managing their own deaths and their loved ones in a more holistic way, a death doula maybe....

Heres Marias website

Something I think all practitioners do 😍

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