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Rested and ready to go...

It's been quite lovely having a very long quiet Christmas break. It's quite a hectic process for my brain, to try and create something with technology, and I have felt so proud so and motivated, after making my website, by the improvements I keep seeing during my recovery. After a lovely break away near Sherwood forrest over new year I found myself getting quite busy with sound baths and some really exciting opportunities. Now we've finished hibernating of sorts I am inspired to start planting my idea seeds and seeing what grows.

I am loving seeing signs of spring appear and feel so grateful for everything in my life right now even the annoying stuff, it all has its place and I am feeling rested over winter and ready to grow into an exciting adventurous year...

Some pics from some special nights since I last blogged. A lovely lesson on astronomy from my husband all about Sirius and other wondrous stars and planets. A wonderfully deep and healing evening gong session and some really supportive oracle cards that came right when I needed a nice reminder I am on the right path.

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