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The magic of following your heart

Sat here feeling rather giddy and proud of myself. It doesn't feel that long ago that I wasn't sure where my life was going or if I would ever be able to move on from my brain tumour. The journey I have been on this past year, searching for myself and my new purpose, has taught me so many wonderful things. After negative experiences with medications and their affect on body and mind I found myself desperately trying to find new ways to tackle pain, low mood, PTSD, Trauma and ways to accept the new me. Along the way I have been using music in many forms for courage, motivation, pain relief and comfort. From humming to sound baths, D.J'ing in local pubs/clubs and festivals. Sound is so powerful, music is so healing. I am so excited to share this with people and also look at all the other alternative/holistic practises that have been helping me. Knowledge is power and its time to spread the word that there are other attainable ways to relax, recover and renew. Feeling positive and excited for the new year !

Garden wall 2019

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