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Watch this space...

As if setting up my own little business isn't exciting enough, along my path I've connected with such amazing people and its led to some really amazing opportunities. I am looking at starting monthly sound baths in Ashbourne and Belper. And I am currently creating a special water healing session. This is still in it's baby stages but I am really enjoying working with the local private swim school and creating a very blissful floating experience with sound.

I've not really based my work ever on the elements so I am enjoying learning more about each one and how they can affect us. As a scorpio my elemental sign is water funnily enough, so it feels quite apt to see where this takes me. In the future I hope to offer twilight 1to1 floating with crystal singing bowl and voice healing and group sessions of pure floating and relaxing soothing sounds.

Part of the healing from sound therapy is the vibrational aspect of each instrument and water carries vibration superbly. It is so far proving to be a very nurturing experience and one that certainly helps you sleep well after, I look forward to introducing it in the coming months....

A sneak peek...

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